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Planning an Open House? Don’t Forget These Key Preparations

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Greetings! The spring selling season is upon us. If you’re planning on selling your home, you’re probably going to have open houses so that you can let buyers see for themselves the wonderful features of your home. How can you get the most impact from an open house?

This week, I welcome back guest blogger Penny Martin. In this article, she shares some tips that you might find useful! Enjoy!

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Your real estate agent is trying her best to get your home sold quickly and for the most money. Now she wants to have an open house. What do you need to do? Are there things you need to happen before that day? Of course. But don’t stress. You can get your home ready for an open house with a little prep.

If your home is already on the market, you’re probably already halfway there. If you haven’t done much work on your home, now is the time. You’ll need to focus on how your home is presented to potential buyers and make sure they can see themselves living in your home. Cleveland Appraisal Blog presents some tips below.

Remove Personal Items and Clutter

Start by moving stuff out of your home. You want to reduce the items in your home by about half. You’re going to have to move it out anyway, so go ahead and put it into storage. While you’re at it, remove all personal items, such as family photos and political posters or stickers. Clear all the magnets off your refrigerator and pack them away. If you’re not sure what to pack and what to discard, just think if you’ll be needing that item in your new house.

Your home should look like nobody actually lives there, except for the furniture and generic decor. Don’t forget your pets’ items, too. You should also make arrangements to have them out of the house on open house day, so they don’t distract potential buyers. It’s better for your real estate agent and safer for your animals. Also, make sure you don’t leave any valuable items in your home like jewelry, computers, or important documents.

The less stuff that’s in your house, the more open and spacious it will appear. Too much furniture or clutter will make the home seem cramped and stuffy. A notable tip for making your space seem more spacious is to use neutral colors on your walls. Order some test swatches, to check which wallpaper works best with your home.

Call A Friend

Ask a friend to take a look as if he or she were considering buying the home. What would he or she look for? If your friend notices any issues, you can use this feedback as a guide for what to work on. Fix any imperfections, such as loose screws, broken doors or windows, and anything else you and your friend can find.

Also, if you are selling the house yourself instead of using a realtor, be sure to print up some business cards with your contact information prior to the open house. You can use an online business card app to design a great-looking card for free. They’ll be useful for prospective buyers once your open house arrives.

Don’t Forget To Clean

After all the work is done, it’s time to clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Make your home spotless. Organize your drawers and clear out any kind of clutter or countertop appliances. Open your blinds and clean your windows so that more light can come in. Replace old bulbs and consider adding lamps. Coldwell Banker recommends making sure your home smells good as well by plugging in air fresheners or baking something before the open house.

If your friend is still there, ask them to sniff it out. Are there any odors that you haven’t noticed? Do your carpets smell bad? Are there pet smells or stains? If your carpets are stained, make sure you clean them before you try to sell them. Consider purchasing a vacuum that is optimal for cleaning carpets or consider hiring a professional to come in and fix the issues. Professional carpet cleaners can get smells out better than you’ll be able to on your own. You’ll also want to make sure you vacuum up any pet hair.

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

With your house ready for viewing, it’s time to pay attention outside. Focus on what your home looks like to someone walking towards it. Trim the trees and shrubs, sweep the sidewalks and driveways, and pick up any debris. HGTV recommends adding some color to your landscape with already flowering plants. Put down a fresh layer of mulch. Add some potted flowers to the front porch and arrange patio furniture in a way that’s inviting to visitors. In the backyard, do the same.

With your clean and uncluttered home looking like a magazine spread, you will have no problem selling your home quickly and at a good price. Find something fun to do while the house is open and let your beautifully clean house do the talking.

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