6 thoughts on “If You’re Going To Make a Typo, Make Sure It’s Not On Your Logo!”

  1. These are collector’s items now. They’re instant classics. It’s like the Bill Buckner error…. Okay, maybe not exactly (not sure if you got that reference). I hope one day to get a hold of a coveted “Perfomance” special edition piece of swag….

    Seriously, this is no biggie and I appreciate your humor in calling attention to it. If this is the worst thing that happens to you today, you’ll be blessed. Keep up the great work Jamie. I love following your posts.

    1. Thank you so much Ryan! I have always appreciated your kind support and example. Thanks for your advise in this situation! I truly appreciate your help. I will be sending you some vintage swag!

  2. This is classic Jamie! Sounds like something I would do. When I do (not if) I hope I handle it like you did, admit it, laugh about it, and then move on. It is a good example of how we should all react to mistakes because no one is perfect. Great post my friend!

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