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Broken Ankle & Kitchen Remodel… Life Happens

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic summer. It’s good to see a little normalcy coming back in recent months.

While I had intended on posting something more substantial this week, life has made that a little tricky. Last week, my wife broke her right ankle in numerous areas. She has been through one surgery and has another major surgery in about a week.  She has rods running through her ankle to stabilize the bones until the swelling goes down. For those of you who want to see what this looks like, I have posted a picture of her ankle at the end of this post. It’s not for the faint of heart, so I have it at the end. (She gave me permission to share the picture)

She’s a tough cookie, but this situation has been tough on her.

Our summer has a bit of a different feel than it did a couple of weeks ago, and Murphy’s Law is in full effect as we are also in the middle of a first-floor renovation, including a kitchen remodel, which my wife has reminded me for years that we were overdue for. So, this is how our kitchen looks right now. Once the work is completed in a month or two, I will post some after pictures for those interested.

The good news is that we have awesome family and friends that have been a huge support in many ways! So, a big thank to you all who are reading this post! I normally don’t like to mention many details about what’s going on in my personal life, in my posts. But, sometimes inquiring minds want to know what’s happening. Forgive me if you’re not one of those inquiring minds.

Our kitchen currently

This week, enjoy some funny posts and pictures I have enjoyed recently. Some of the Instagram posts below have more than one picture. Just hit the arrow button to the right.

I hope that you enjoy these. I will be back in a couple of weeks with some more real estate related topics of a non-personal nature. 









If you’re looking for an affordable pool solution, check out this HGTV DIY pool. I thought it was pretty cool!



Heather’s Poor Ankle

As promised, here is a picture of my wife’s ankle. She’s practically bionic!

That’s all I have this week friends! I am working on more articles, whilst helping my wife recover, and overseeing our kitchen remodel.  I will have a new article, with more substance, posted in a couple of weeks.

If you’re an attorney or real estate professional and would like to learn about how appraisers account for rapidly changing markets, like the one we are in, please join Kristin Baum and I on her seminar, where we will be discussing this topic. I’m looking forward to it, and hope to see you!  A big thank to Kristin for inviting me to speak at this event!

If you’re looking for some posts with more real estate related topics, please check out my appraisal friends and colleague’s posts below. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Broken Ankle & Kitchen Remodel… Life Happens”

  1. I broke my ankle in 2003 just before my national appraisal conference. I was in a wheelchair at the conference. I broke it carrying a load of clothes down the stairs in my home. Homes are sooo unsafe!!! Was in a cast for 3 months and crutches for many months. Only had one surgery. It was not a bad break. I sometimes was very tempted make up the reason I broke it – skateboarding, bicycle racing, parcour etc. If it was winter I coulda said snow boarding on an expert slope ;>

    1. That sounds terrible! When we wake up in the morning, we never know what the day will bring. Probably a good thing! Trying to navigate a national conference whilst in a wheelchair sounds brutal. Rough timing!

      I totally agree with you about houses being unsafe. I’m glad you healed up.😃 Heather broker her ankle at home also, in a totally unexciting way. Never a dull moment. We are longing for some dull moments. Thanks for sharing your story! You’ve given us hope of better days ahead!

  2. I’m so very sorry that your wife broke her ankle. That looks painful. She’s a tough cookie and my prayers for her healing. Wish you the best on your kitchen remodel. Let us know how it goes. We are in need of one but just not yet brave enough to do it!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! Will do! She is a tough cookie! She is in good spirits. Just a life event to get through. Things always get better in time. With regards to the kitchen, I’ve been dreading the remodel for years. Now I know why.😁

    1. Thank you so much Tom! We really appreciate your keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I hope you all are doing great! I hope your remodel goes well also! Contemplating a new kitchen is exciting, though a little daunting. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome! My best to you my friend!

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