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3 Tips for Downsizing Your Home While Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy

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I hope you are all doing great! This week, I am happy to welcome a guest blogger, Penny Martin. I think you’re going to enjoy her article. Especially if you have pets and are thinking of downsizing.

I have more articles I am working on for future posts. This week, I am also working on a new Home Value Stories podcast episode. Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy Penny’s great article!

When you’re downsizing your home with a pet as your roommate, your animal may experience anxiety and uncertainty during the entire moving process. Consider the following three tips from the Cleveland Appraisal Blog for downsizing with a pet in tow.

1. Prep for the Upcoming Sale Without Stress

HGTV recommends that homeowners get in touch with a realtor first to determine what needs to be moved around or stored before you take pictures for the home’s online listing. Pets can become very anxious during this process if their favorite toys or beds are moved. Take pictures early on in the process, and get preapproved for your mortgage to figure out how much you can borrow. Getting preapproved before you’ve found a home can additionally allow you to move more quickly and thereby decrease your pet’s fears as well as your own anxiety about a lengthy moving process. Don’t forget to have your home measured and appraised as quickly as possible to get your current home on the market (and hopefully purchased) ASAP.

Create a safe space for your animal in an area that will not need to be changed during the selling process, such as the bathroom, the laundry room, or a spare bedroom that you have already photographed for the listing. If you plan to show the house in person, it’s best to take your pet out of the home with you as the realtor walks potential homeowners through the space. Be aware of your animal’s moods and think about using a calming medication or supplement if the process is especially difficult.

2. Decide What To Throw and What To Save

Your pet may start to panic if the downsizing process involves donating large furniture pieces, putting items in storage, or throwing away items that you no longer need. You can’t cater to your pet’s wishes all the time, especially as you downsize, and some of these changes will definitely cause anxiety for your animal. Speak softly and calmly to your pet and use the proper body language to try to convey the fact that you want this change to happen and that it will be OK for both of you. Reassure your pet that you will be staying together and ensure that your pet’s belongings are safe and not moved too much during the downsizing and moving process.

3. Consider Modifying Your New Home for Your Pet’s Safety

If your new home doesn’t have a fence and you plan on letting your pet roam your yard, it’s time to think about installing one. Most fences cost about $4,500 for the average homeowner, though this varies depending on the size and materials as well as location. Hop online, plug a term like “fencing companies near me” into your favorite search engine, and read reviews to create your short list of licensed and insured contractors. Contact three or four to get quotes and to ensure they can locate property lines and work with an awareness of underground utilities that may complicate the installation of your fence. Also think about installing a doggy door, a cat perch, a screen door, and any other modifications that may make your pet feel more at home in your new residence.

Pet anxiety is a reality that you won’t be able to avoid when moving. To minimize this, keep your pet’s belongings in a safe, stationary spot and move them to the new place at the same time you move your pet. Follow the above tips for a safe, calm moving process and your animal friend will likely adapt to your new, cozier home sooner rather than later.

Penny, thank you so much for sharing these great tips with us! I hope that you all enjoyed this post!

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I’ll be back in two weeks with a new blog that is more focused on real estate valuation. I enjoy taking a break from it from time to time. I hope that you do as well! 

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