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4 Tips to Stay Organized While Working Remotely with Your Kids

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Hello! I hope you’re having a great start to 2022! If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I enjoy having guest bloggers write articles for the Cleveland Appraisal Blog. I’m also very appreciative for their doing so! I always enjoy the articles my guests write.

With that said, this week I am happy to welcome back a regular guest to my blog, Jessica Brody! She is an awesome author and blogger! I hope you enjoy her article that shares some tips for working remotely with kids at home.

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Though there are fantastic perks to working remotely, it can also be challenging with young children at home. Trying to monitor and entertain toddlers and babies can be difficult in itself, let alone while working at the same time. If you are trying to navigate these tricky waters, incorporating these four tips from Cleveland Appraisal Blog into your schedule can help.

1. Follow Routines

Kids tend to behave better if they have a routine. Being around people they trust and being able to depend on certain habits helps them feel safe and secure.

In addition to benefiting the kids, this is also a wonderful way to help ensure you get work done. It designates time to focus on your profession and helps you stay on task. 

If your job hours are not meshing well with your family responsibilities, you may be looking to change career paths. If so, online courses are a tremendous option. Many programs allow you to work at your speed, giving you the flexibility to work and care for your children. 

For example, getting your bachelor’s degree in education is one step closer to a teaching license. Just remember that your state probably requires other submissions, such as a background check, skills test, entrance exams, and transcripts.

2. Get Assistance

While sending your kids to daycare would solve a lot of these hurdles, many parents cannot afford it. If you have room in your budget, sign your kids up for part-time daycare; many businesses even offer a discount for multiple children.

If you cannot afford child care on a regular basis, some centers offer a drop-in rate. Say you have an important meeting that requires 100% of your attention; this is a great option. You can drop the kids off just for the day so you can complete your work.

Consider reaching out to family members and friends for assistance as well. If their work schedule differs from yours, they might be able to come by and keep an eye on your children.

3. Have a Daily Quiet Time

Make sure breaks and quiet time are part of your daily routine. It is a chance for your kids to rest and have creative play by themselves. Plus, you get to focus completely on work. 

Quiet time looks different depending on the child’s age. Newborns through two-year-olds probably need a nap during quiet time, while older children may not. Instead, they can play or look at books quietly by themselves in their bedrooms.

You can also set up a play area outdoors. Bear in mind that a clean backyard, as well as a professionally installed fence and landscaping, can add to your property’s value (along with a patio or deck), in addition to being great places for your children to play.

4. Keep Meals Simple

Figuring out what to feed your kids can feel overwhelming at times. Keep your meals simple and prep food the night before. This way you do not have to sort through the fridge trying to find items for breakfast or lunch. 

Crockpot meals are an excellent way to feed your family at dinnertime without all the hassle that cooking normally requires. Pop a few items into the crockpot during your lunch break. By the time supper rolls around, the meal is ready with minimal effort.

If you really want to save time, sign up for a meal kit service. These services have grown in popularity in recent years; one report determines that by 2022, the industry will be worth over $11 billion. You receive all the food needed to cook a meal, or you can purchase premade meals that simply need to be heated.

While working and watching your kids may be daunting, having strategies can make the process easier. Implement these four tips to keep your sanity while keeping your kids safe.

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I hope that you enjoyed these great tips for staying organized while working remotely. A big thank you to Jessica for writing another great piece on a timely topic!

My wife and I have two children. One has moved out and the other is a teenager. I remember the years of working from home before they were old enough to go to school. Based upon our experience, the tips that Jessica shared here can be very helpful!

I’m working on more appraisal related blogs that will be out soon. Stay tuned!

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Have a great weekend!

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