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7 Home Security Tips for Spring & Summer

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Hello! I hope your spring has been fantastic! It’s hard to believe that we are nearly to summer! This week I welcome back guest blogger Betty White with some tips on home security for the spring and summer months. Enjoy!

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As spring brings longer and warmer days, people like to spend more time outdoors. We all missed the green grass, the sounds of birds, and the sunshine. So, we take advantage of any opportunity to be outside. However, this can also be the perfect time to start a spring cleaning spree in our homes and gardens. Furthermore, it is the ideal time to do a home security check to guarantee that once we leave the house, it will be safe and secure till we return. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of home security tips you can use this spring to help you keep your home protected whenever you leave. Especially if you also have a home office where you keep important documents and items. In addition, these tips will help you feel safer while you are in your home just as well.

  1. Check or install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

While smoke may be seen and smelled, carbon monoxide is a different story. It is an invisible and odorless gas that can cause serious health problems or even death if inhaled. As a result, installing a detector for this gas is more than necessary. However, if you already have it, spring is the perfect time to have it checked along with the smoke alarm. Test if they are in working condition, replace them if needed, or change the batteries if they are low.

In addition, you can connect them to your security system to track their functionality and receive notifications in real-time in case something happens. Or, you can research some home security companies that provide these services and find the right fit for your home’s needs. Most security companies offer 24/7 surveillance services and immediate response in case of emergency

2. Upgrade your security system.

Security systems are now so advanced that you can operate them from anywhere. You just need to connect all the cameras, detectors, or alarms to an app on your phone, and you can see everything that is happening in your home. Furthermore, these systems come with additional improvements. You can have a smart doorbell with cameras, smart locks on your windows and doors, movement detectors for the CCTV, or the possibility to control the light switches.

However, connecting your home to such a high-tech system may require you to tamper with your home’s electrical system. Even simple repairs can be hard to do if you are not proficient in electrical wiring. Therefore, this is one job that you should hand over to a professional. It will be safer for you as well as for your home.

You can use one of our home security tips for spring and upgrade your security system. A more modern system will make you feel much safer.
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3. Keep the doors and windows closed.

As temperatures start to rise, we often like to leave the windows open to create a bit of a breeze indoors. However, this habit can be dangerous if the windows are left open at night or when we leave the house. An open window is like an invitation to an intruder. At the same time, it’s essential to keep the doors and windows closed while you are outside. Even if you are in the backyard or the garden, leaving a door open can lead to a disaster. It only takes a few moments for someone to get in and steal something from the house. As a result, lock all windows and doors, especially the rarely used ones, such as the basement or garage ones. In addition, you can even amp up the security system and be at ease that your home is fully protected.

4. Don’t make a fuss about your vacation time.

When you leave for vacation, it’s good to warn your neighbors that you’ll be out of town for a while. They can keep an eye on your property and notify you if anything happens. Informing the entire internet that your house is empty, on the other hand, is never a good idea. As a result, try not to make a big fuss about you leaving town by posting this information on social media. Also, while you are on vacation, don’t post pictures from where you are. Even if it is tempting, it’s better to wait until you get back and you can keep your home safe.

When you are away from home, don’t post your location on social media. This is one of the home security tips that can keep your home safe this spring.
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5. Keep the landscape looking good.

Your home’s exterior look can tell a lot more than you realize. For example, if it looks good, it indicates that you are a neat and clean person that works hard to have a tidy property. At the same time, if it’s in a bad state, it can signal to people that you are either lazy or that you have left town for a while. And that second part can become problematic when it comes to your home’s security. As a consequence, maintain the curb appeal so that baddies stay away. Trim the bushes, mow the lawn, clean the debris, etc. This project will keep your home safe and help you sell your home quickly if you ever decide on it. It’s one of the home security tips for spring that can have more than one benefit. 

6. Use controllable indoor and outdoor lighting.

Motion sensors are an excellent addition to both indoor and outdoor lighting sources. Just imagine coming home at night and not having to search in the dark to switch on the lights. In addition, these types of lights are great for keeping your home safe. The lights will switch on if something moves inside or outside the house, letting you know someone is there.

However, distance control is an even better upgrade for your lighting. When you are not at home, you can turn on and off the lights in the house to give the impression that someone is present. In addition, you can connect the TV or music station to the system and turn them on and off as you please. That way, nobody would think that the house was empty.

Robbers will presume you are present if you leave some lights on while you are away.
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7. Clean the chimney, roof, and gutters.

If you want to avoid fire and water hazards in your home, you should do a complete spring cleaning and inspection. That implies you should evaluate the roof’s condition and get a professional to help you repair it if it has deteriorated. In addition, you should clean the gutters and ensure they are in working condition. If they get clogged or have holes, water can infiltrate the walls, creating problems. Finally, and most importantly, you should inspect and clean the chimneys. They may also become dangerous if not cleaned regularly, jeopardizing the safety of your family and house.

Get your home ready for spring.

These home security tips for spring can help you be at ease whenever you are in the home or away from it. After all, you want to feel safe and secure, and you want your family to feel the same way. As a result, keep these tips in mind as you begin your spring cleaning or house upgrades. You will be happy with yourself for doing this.

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What great tips! Thank you, Betty, for sharing these seven ways we can keep our homes safe in warmer weather!

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