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Traveling Between Homes with Pets – How You Can Make It Work

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Hello! I hope you’re having a fantastic week! This week I am happy to welcome back guest blogger Shirley Martin. In this article, she offers some great tips on traveling between homes with our pets. I hope you enjoy it!

Owning a home in another state can be a challenge with travel, organization, and house maintenance tasks. Another challenge for second homeowners is dealing with their pets. When you travel frequently between your first and second home, you also have to consider your pet’s needs. 

The most popular state for a second home is Florida, with more than one million second homes, according to the National Association of Home Builders. If you go between your primary residence and Florida with your pets, here are some ways to make life easier.

Choose the Cheaper State for Essentials

If you spend half your time in each residence, use the cheaper state for your essentials, such as car insurance, vehicle registration, or income tax. Vehicle registration in Ohio for example costs only $34.50. Some counties may have additional registration fees on top of the base expense.

Pick Streaming Instead of Cable

Another way you can save on your expenses is to skip a monthly cable bill in each home. Instead, choose streaming services that you can use on any device you own. Pick an economical internet provider for each home so you can access streaming video and other entertainment options in each residence.

Invest in Quality Health and Pet Insurance

Health insurance and pet insurance are also vital. Most employers offer a health insurance policy, but if you’re self-employed or retired, you can check out the federal government marketplace. Pet owners can also spend time finding Florida pet insurance for their pets to save money on serious health issues and preventive care. A policy in Florida may be cheaper in the long run. Check out costs, coverage, and provider reputations for each plan.

Prioritize Your Pet’s Health

It’s important to keep your pet healthy in Florida and your other state. Find a qualified vet in each state and schedule regular checkups. Talk to your vets about treating your pet for fleas and ticks. It’s also beneficial to have a pet sitter in each spot for weekend trips or daily dog walking.

Stock Your Pantry and Freezer

People who split their time between two properties should also have a stock of non-perishables and freezer items in each home. Stock up on items that you can store for a long time when they’re on sale to save the most money.

Have Pet Supplies in Each Home

You may also have to double up on pet supplies for each living space. Buy extras of items like leashes, crates, cat trees, and food bowls. Check out reviews of pet supplies from animal experts and veterinarians to find the best quality items. Look for sites that include vet reviews so you feel confident you’re getting the best. 

Look for Tax Savings

When you own two homes, you also have to look for ways to save on your taxes. Look for tax credits in each state for homeowners. Know how to navigate a property tax appeal if your home is appraised too high. Understand how income tax works for dual residents of Florida and other states.

Schedule Fun Activities in Each State

Most importantly, look for fun stuff to do in each state with your pet. Scout out dog parks, dog beach areas, and trails you can hike with your pet. Additionally, look for restaurants that have outdoor pet-friendly seating options.

You and your pet can enjoy living in a primary home and a second home in Florida if you set yourself up for success. Everyone can be happy and healthy and feel at home in both places.

Shirley, thank you so much for these great tips! And thank you dear reader for being here! I’m working on more appraisal and real estate-related articles for future posts. Stay tuned and have a fantastic weekend!

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