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What to Expect Undertaking These 4 Common Home Projects

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Are you planning on renovating your home? What kinds of things can you expect? This week I welcome back guest blogger, Shirley Martin, who answers these questions in this article. I hope you enjoy it!

What to Expect When Undertaking These 4 Common Home Renovation Projects

When home improvement gives way to major renovations, the implications can be more impactful than you might realize. Necessary projects can be costly and time-consuming, so it is important to know what to expect ahead of time. Planning out your renovation in advance can also help you make preparations so that the project will be less invasive to your daily way of life.

If you are in the mindset to renovate your home, it’s likely that you will start with some of the more common projects that many homeowners choose to undertake a remodel. Familiarizing yourself with these renovations will give you a great start in mapping out your home improvement strategy. Read on for some pointers from Cleveland Appraisal Blog.

1. Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is a focal point for just about every homeowner and prospective buyer. Whether you want to personalize your home or boost its market appeal, the kitchen deserves your attention.

Jobs like installing new countertops, retiling the floor, and giving the cabinets a new finish are all standard renovations that make a kitchen remodel easy to envision. However, you must be aware of your budget and timeline before committing to a kitchen renovation. You should also become aware of common mishaps that can occur, such as leaving no space for storage or entertaining guests.

As with the following renovation ideas, these jobs may require a professional contractor to complete. Fortunately, you can keep tabs on the timing, progress, and costs associated with the work as it’s completed with construction management software. Contractors use estimating apps or software with a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system so they can easily communicate with potential and current customers in one place while tracking responses and follow-ups.

2. Home Office Addition

If you conduct any amount of your work remotely, then it is worthwhile to add a home office to your living space. This area can also double as a guest room for times when friends or family members come to visit.

The flooring is a particularly important consideration when renovating a room for home office purposes. The Nature Hero explains that certain floor types are more suitable for rolling office chairs, such as hardwoods or certain types of carpets. If you do decide to make your office accommodating to guests, be sure to leave room for a sleeper sofa and storage cabinets.

3. Roof Replacement

Roof replacements can improve the visual appeal of a home, but they can also be a blatant necessity in some cases. If your roof is damaged, or if your current roof type is not suitable for your climate in the first place, it is important to make an improvement immediately. ADT Solar suggests choosing a new roof type that is suitable for solar panels so that you can improve your home’s energy efficiency in the process.

Before a roof renovation begins, a contractor will inspect the attic, gutter, and various other aspects of the home structure to make sure it is safe to proceed. Be aware that nails and debris may fall from the roof during the course of this work, so you should move your vehicles away from the house to avoid damage.

4. Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is the process of turning the below-ground area of your home from a drab dungeon into a comfortable living space that you can use for any purpose. Your renovation specialists will install wall and ceiling panels that waterproof the area and help prevent mold growth. You can then use the basement as a home gym, guest quarters, or anything else you might imagine. Keep in mind that the placement of your basement HVAC units might affect the overall labor and timeline of your renovations.

Choosing Projects That Pay Off if You Want to Sell

Any time you make changes to your home, it’s important to think about how those changes will affect its value. Some projects, like installing energy-efficient windows or adding a new roof, are almost always sure to increase your home’s resale value. Others, like pool installation or converting a garage into a living space, may not be as desirable to potential buyers and may actually lower the value of your home. And then there are always trends to consider – what’s popular now may not be in style by the time you’re ready to sell.

So how can you tell if a renovation is likely to pay off? One good rule of thumb is to focus on projects that will make your home more functional or appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. Projects that are unique to your taste or needs are less likely to add value because it will be difficult to find a buyer who shares your vision.

Any home renovation from home office design to whole roof replacement can involve processes you wouldn’t expect. Flooring, energy efficiency, and even room lighting are important factors in planning a home improvement project. By knowing about these factors ahead of time, and using construction management software to guide you, you can plan your renovation more effectively.

Jamie Owen of the Cleveland Appraisal Blog specializes in appraising vacant land and residential properties, two to four-family properties, and complex properties such as luxury homes. Contact Jamie today for more info! (440) 717-3464 or (440) 263-7888.

Shirley, thank you so much for your insights here! There’s a lot to think about when it comes to these kinds of improvements. And while most improvements do not provide a dollar-for-dollar return on investment, there is value in making things more functional and enjoyable to use, which is harder to quantify, but something to consider.

Thanks so much for being here to read articles from the Cleveland Appraisal Blog! I know many are enjoying some well-deserved time off. I hope that you enjoy the downtime with your friends and family! Travel safe!

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