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If We Run Out of Toilet Paper…

Have you ever wondered what will happen if we run out of TP? To escape the stress of our current situation, I discuss this topic, just for the sake of some levity.

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Be the Sommelier of Your Home

What is a sommelier and how can homeowners and agents imitate them during the appraisal inspection? This article discusses the topic.

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What Does It Mean To Be Neutral?

Why is it important for the appraiser to remain neutral? What kinds of situations must appraisers be careful in this regard? I discuss this in this article.

Appraisal Profession, Appraising, Helpful for FSBO, Helpful to Home Owners

iBuyers… The Pawn Shops of Real Estate

Are you thinking of selling a home to an iBuyer? What should you know? I discuss this topic in this article.

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My Favorite Aspen Appraisal Commercials, Thus Far!

This post features some of my favorite Aspen Appraisal Commercials, thus far! I hope you enjoy them!