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Famous People From the Cleveland Area

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For my last blog of the year, I thought I would take a break from talking about appraising. There are a lot of famous people from the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area that you might not realize.  Yes, Cleveland rocks! I thought this would be fun way to end the year. Since this is an appraisal blog, I added some charts that I put together, to give you an idea of what’s going on in these areas in terms the market. The charts are reflective of single family sales. I hope you enjoy this!

Here we go, in no particular order:


Map of Cleveland

Superman – The co-creators of the Superman character were from Cleveland.



Halle Berry – Cleveland native.


Halle Berry

Drew Carey – Cleveland native.


Drew Carey

Tom Hanks – Began his acting career in Cleveland.


Tom Hanks

Bob Hope – Grew up in Cleveland.


Bob Hope

Steve Harvey – Grew up in Cleveland.


Steve Harvey

Eric Carmen – Cleveland native.


Eric Carmen

Arsenio Hall – Cleveland native.


Arsenio Hall

Tracy Chapman – Cleveland native.


Tracy Champan

Michael Symon – Cleveland native.


Michael Symon

Joe Walsh – Grew up in Cleveland.


Joe Walsh

Terrance Howard – Raised in Cleveland.


Terrance Howard

Dr. Mehmet Oz – Cleveland native.


Dr Oz

Antwone Fisher – Cleveland native.


Antwone Fisher


Cleveland All Sales

Cleveland Sales Price Trends

Cleveland Price per SF

Cleveland DOM



Map of Lakewood

Teri Garr – Lakewood native.

Teri Garr

John Lithgow – Spent his teenage years in Akron and Lakewood.


John Lithgow


Lakewood All Sales

Lakewood Median Price

Lakewood Price per sf

Lakewood DOM



Map of Akron

Hugh Downs – Grew up in Akron.


Hugh Downs

LeBron James – Born and raised in Akron.


Labron James


Akron All Sales

Akron Sales Price Trends

Akron PPSF

Akron DOM



Map of Chagrin Falls

Tim Conway – Born in Willoughby and raised in Chagrin Falls.


Tim Conway


Chagrin Falls All Sales
Chagrin Falls Sales Trends
Chagrin Falls PPSF

Chagrin Falls DOM



Map of Shaker Heights

Paul Newman – Shaker Heights native.


Paul Newman

Fred Willard – Shaker Heights native.

Fred Willard

Molly Shannon – Shaker Heights native.


Molly Shannon

Shaker Heights All Sales

Shaker Heights Sales Prices

Shaker Heights PPSF

Shaker Heights DOM



North Ridgeville

Martin Mull – Grew up in North Ridgeville.


Martin Mull

North Ridgevilleville All Sales

North Ridgeville Sales

North Ridgeville PPSF

North Ridgeville DOM




Anne Heche – Aurora native.


Anne Heche

Aurora All Sales

Aurora Sales Trends

Aurora PPSF

Aurora DOM



Bay Village

Robert Patrick – Grew up in Bay Village.


Robert Patrick

Bay Village All Sales

Bay Village Price Trends

Aurora PPSF

Bay Village DOM



Cleveland Heights

Kathryn Hahn – Grew up in Cleveland Heights.


Kathryn Hahn

Cleveland Heights All Sales

Cleveland Heights Sales Trends

Cleveland Heights PPSF

Cleveland Heights DOM



Canton, OH

Boz Scaggs – Canton native.


Boz Scaggs

Canton All Sales

Canton Sales Price Trends

Canton PPSF

Canton DOM



Youngstown, OH

Ed O’Neill – Youngstown native.

Ed Oneil

Youngstown All Sales

Youngstown Sales Trends

Youngstown PPSF

Youngstown DOM



South Euclid, OH

Frankie Yankovich – Raised in South Euclid.


Frankie Yankovich

South Euclid All Sales

South Euclid Price Trends

South Euclid PPSF

South Euclid DOM


Big Location Map
Okay, one more big map!

Drop the mic! There ya go! I want to sincerely thank you for reading my blog articles in 2018. I hope you found them interesting or at least a little entertaining. I hope you all enjoy your time off with your family and friends. See ya in January 2019!

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Based upon the results on my Twitter survey, the city of Brecksville, OH was the winner this week. This is actually my neighborhood. You’ll get to see a little bit of my stomping grounds. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave me a message as to what you would like to see in future neighborhood videos.



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    1. Thanks Joe! We still love LaBron! He still lives in the area and does a lot to help kids in Akron and surrounding areas. He’s a cool guy. I will be taking some time off starting tomorrow.😃 Enjoy your down time with family and friends!

  1. This is great. I had no idea. I recognized your “Cleveland Rocks” line of course. I hope you get some time off with the family this next week. Have a great one Jamie.

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