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Reopen Your Business Safely with This Budget-Friendly Marketing Plan

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Hello everyone! I hope that you are all staying safe out there! The news of people being vaccinated puts a little bounce in my step! I know that we have a ways to go. But it is encouraging!

As more people get vaccinated, and things begin to turn around, hopefully sooner than later, small businesses will begin reopening. With that in mind, I am happy to welcome a guest blogger, Naomi Johnson, to the Cleveland Appraisal Blog! In this article, she offers some great tips to keep in mind for small business owners. I hope you enjoy this article!

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Reopen Your Business Safely with This Budget-Friendly Marketing Plan

Small businesses have thrived in recent years, due in part to an influx of resources that have become easily available to entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, millions of business owners have been affected by Covid-19 and must now implement some changes in order to safely build their companies back up. Cleveland Appraisal Blog knows that reopening your business during such an uncertain time can feel like an overwhelming task, but there are some simple, cost-effective marketing strategies that will help along the way. You might start with protecting your business by forming an LLC, or Limited Liability Company.

Learn about the benefits

Forming an LLC comes with many benefits for small business owners, including more freedom in management and the separation of your personal and professional finances, meaning you won’t have to worry that any business debts will cause problems for you personally down the road. There are several rules within the process and these change from state to state, so it’s important to read up on the regulations before you get started. Follow the simple steps to forming an Ohio LLC carefully and consider filing yourself, as this will save you quite a bit of money by eliminating a lawyer’s fees.

Reach out to your customers

Once you’ve taken steps to protect your business, it’s time to think about the customers, who will be instrumental in helping you reopen. Entrepreneurs recommend including them in your marketing plan by reaching out to them on social media and via email. Be open about how you’ll commit to everyone’s safety once you’re up and running again and include specifics, such as a plan for social distancing or temperature checks. Consider utilizing targeted advertising on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which allow you to set a daily budget for your ads according to how big an audience you want to reach.

Utilize the web

Social media is a wonderful business tool, but if your business doesn’t have a website, now is the time to create one. Even if it’s a simple blog, you’ll benefit from having a space where customers can read updates, share reviews, and sign up for emails. You can add videos or tutorials and monetize the blog with ads to create an extra revenue stream.

If you already have a site, take a look at it with fresh eyes. Is it engaging? Easy to navigate? Is it accessible? Your customers will appreciate online ordering now more than ever, so consider the budget-friendly ways the Houston Chronicle says you can make that possible. You might even take advantage of a platform like Etsy, which would allow you to reach a broader audience with minimal fees.

Crunch the numbers

It’s essential to figure out what your financial needs will be over the coming months, so you’ll want to project your sales and calculate expenses, including the cost of hiring employees and paying for cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment. Keep in mind that you may be eligible for grants or other funding from the state of Ohio that will help pay for PPE or offset the costs associated with reopening; do some research to find out what you have access to and how it will affect your budget.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at your competitors so you can get a sense of which strategies they’ve implemented. Networking safely within your community can help you learn which ideas to steer clear of, and you might even be able to partner with a few in order to expand your customer base. Creating a marketing plan takes time, but it’s virtually impossible to move forward without one. By utilizing all the resources, you have at hand, you can make the transition much smoother as you prepare to reopen your business as safely and successfully as possible. For appraisals and other real estate-oriented advice, connect with Cleveland Appraisal Blog today!  

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Thanks again to Naomi Johnson for putting this great article together, with tips for small businesses!

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for me, and I have not had time to write a post. I’m grateful that Naomi was able to share her article.

I have been developing a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) class that I gave for the Parma Bar Association this evening.  A big thank you to them for allowing me yammer on about the world of valuation this evening!

Thanks for being here as always! More blogs are in the works!

Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe out there! 


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