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The Complete Guide to Virtual House Hunting During COVID-19

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Hello everyone! I am honored to welcome back Author Jessica Brody, with a new and timely article that I think you will find helpful if you’re looking to buy a home. Enjoy!

The Complete Guide to Virtual House Hunting During COVID-19

Whether you were already diving into the home buying process when COVID-19 hit the headlines, or you were just thinking about getting started, home buyers everywhere are wondering if they can go forward with their moving plans. Although certain things, such as crowded open houses, will be off-limits for the time being, it’s still entirely possible to buy a new home. Check out these resources from Cleveland Appraisal Blog regarding virtual tools for all of your real estate needs!

Assess the Financial Picture First

Before you dive into the home hunt, it’s best to determine what you can afford, potential interest rates, home loan options, and to shop for lenders.  

Know what you can afford: Calculate your home buying budget.

Look to a mortgage forecast to get an idea of potential interest rates.

Remember to compare VA loan rates if you’re an eligible veteran.  

Let the Hunt Begin!

Once you have your financials in order, it’s time to start your search. Your real estate agent will be able to guide you through MLS listings, but you can still look for homes on your own.  

Peruse several real estate websites to see available listings in your area.

Take the time to evaluate the neighborhoods where you’re looking.

Remember to keep your pets in mind as you look for the perfect home.

Once you find a property, you can set up a live video chat tour.    

After you make an offer, it’s time to plan for the rest of your transition. Remember that you clan your move based on your comfort level.  

Be prepared to remotely close on your new home.

When hiring movers, ask them about their COVID policies.

Consider having the home deep cleaned before you move in.

Hire pros to tackle complex household projects prior to the big move.    

If you’ve been daydreaming about your future home for a while now, you may have been worried that moving and buying a home is impossible right now. However, with so many user-friendly virtual tools available, COVID-19 doesn’t have to hold you back from putting down an offer!  

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I hope that you find this article to be helpful in your hunt for a house! Thanks again to Jessica Brody for writing this article for Cleveland Appraisal Blog! 

Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe out there! 

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