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How Remaining Economic Life Works If you're reading through an appraisal report, and you make it to the Cost Approach, which is where appraisers report either the reproduction or replacement cost of the home they are appraising, you will see a little field that says, "Remaining Economic Life". What does this number indicate? At first, you might be… Continue reading How Remaining Economic Life Works

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High-Impact Home Upgrades for Any Budget

Are you looking to improve your home on a budget? What types of upgrades can you make that will not break the bank? Find out in this article!

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What’s The Leaven Causing Home Prices to Rise Today?

What caused home prices to increase rapidly in the years leading up to the Great Recession vs. today? I discuss the differences in this article.

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3 Tips for Downsizing Your Home While Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy

Are you thinking of downsizing? Do you have a pet? This article discusses how to downsize and keep you pet happy and safe in the process!