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Why Appraisers Don’t Depreciate Land

Did you know that appraisers don't depreciate land when measuring a home's depreciation in the appraisal process? I talk about why in this article.

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How Remaining Economic Life Works If you're reading through an appraisal report, and you make it to the Cost Approach, which is where appraisers report either the reproduction or replacement cost of the home they are appraising, you will see a little field that says, "Remaining Economic Life". What does this number indicate? At first, you might be… Continue reading How Remaining Economic Life Works

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How Depreciation Works

What is the primary reason a newly built home has a higher market value than the same home that is older? In a word, depreciation. What is depreciation? Simply stated, it is loss in value. There are three basic causes of depreciation for homes. Physical, functional, and external obsolescence. What do they indicate and how… Continue reading How Depreciation Works