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Valuation Is Not A Guessing Game, It’s a Development Process

Have you ever wondered why an appraiser will not give you an answer about your home's value at the end of the inspection? There's a reason for that! I talk about it in this article.

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Are Sheds Outbuildings?

Often, when appraising homes, I see MLS listings that call a shed an out building. Ask any appraiser and they will likely say that a shed is not an outbuilding. So, are sheds outbuildings? Sometimes it's good to just get the definition from the dictionary and then go from there. According to Merriam Webster's dictionary,… Continue reading Are Sheds Outbuildings?

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Shrinking Lots and Eroding Values

The great thing about land is that no matter what may happen to the structures on it, the land is always there. A structure can be torn down and a new one built. With home ownership, we usually take this for granted. However, there are locations in which this may not always be the case!… Continue reading Shrinking Lots and Eroding Values