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Reviving and Refreshing Your Cleveland Home, even with the Pandemic

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It’s been a very busy time for everyone! I hope that you’re staying safe and doing well! This week, I welcome back guest blogger Seth Murphy. I always enjoy his articles. I hope you enjoy this one and find a tip or two that will benefit you.

When March 2020 arrived, people’s lives fundamentally changed. School shutdowns in Cleveland meant that children had to attend classes virtually. Additionally, many professionals had to telecommute full-time since they could not report to the office.

The situation meant that people were spending far more time in their Cleveland homes. In time, finding ways to revive and refresh their spaces became a priority, making their houses more comfortable. If you want to move forward with home improvements during the pandemic, here are some options that can breathe new life into your house.

Begin with Air Quality

Stagnant air can make any home feel stale. By updating your air filters, you won’t just see improved HVAC performance; your air will also feel fresher. If you aren’t sure which air filters to choose, focus on HEPA filters if possible. If those aren’t available or cost too much, shift your attention to options with high MERV ratings to get the best results.

Adding some new plants may also improve air quality. While there is a little debate on their effectiveness, they potentially do help. Plus, plants can make a space feel more vibrant and alive, which is beneficial regardless of any air quality improvements.

Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces

Having well-manicured outdoor spaces can be a boon if you’re still being cautious due to the pandemic. It lets you spend time outside while remaining comfortable. Plus, you can boost your curb appeal.

If you want to make sure your garden is in good shape and attractive, hire a professional landscape architect. They can optimize your space based on the available room, soil conditions, and sun, all while making your yard more pleasing. If you have trouble visualizing their design, request a 3D rendering. That way, you can eliminate any guesswork from your garden plan.

Reduce Stress with Strategic Separation

Many modern homes feature open floor plans. While that can make navigating living spaces easier, it could make your home more stressful if you’re working out in the open.

In many cases, full-time work-from-home professionals need separation between their personal and professional lives to maintain a work-life balance. As a result, you want to carve out a specific spot for work that you can shut away when the workday is over.

The most obvious option is a home office. If you have a spare room or an unfinished attic or basement that you can hire contractors to convert, those are great starting points. Adding a small outbuilding is another construction project that is worth considering, especially if you have a larger yard.

However, turning a closet or pantry into a workstation could work if you don’t have a spare room or yard space. Even an armoire desk with doors you can close could do the trick.

Consider the Financials

During 2020, people invested around $420 billion in home improvements. However, that doesn’t mean that every project Cleveland homeowners undertook led to financial gains. Some options have stronger ROIs than others. If you think you’ll sell your house soon and go with the wrong choices, you could suffer a loss.

Before you settle on any project, consider current trends. By focusing on buyers’ needs, you can get a better ROI and increase the odds that your house sells quickly. If you also keep your receipts and take before and after photos, you’ll have an easier time demonstrating the value of the work, making it easier to get top dollar when you sell.

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Thanks for some great tips Seth! I hope his article gave you some ideas about ways to revive and refresh your home. 

I also hope that you’re hanging in there and doing well. Thanks, as always, for being here!  If you’re traveling, please do so safely. This week I leave you with a little video with some tips on home office design. 

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