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Considerations for Moving Closer to A Senior When They Need You Most

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When it comes to our aging family or loved ones, there comes a point when they are going to need some help. In this post, I am happy to welcome back a regular guest blogger, and Author, Jessica Brody. I always love her articles!

I hope that you enjoy her article and can benefit from some of her tips on helping our dear seniors. Enjoy!

There comes a time in many of our lives when we realize that we need to do more to care for our parents or the other important seniors in our lives. It can be a tough adjustment, but if you want to provide the support they need, you may have to move closer so you can lend a helping hand. Here, the Cleveland Appraisal Blog presents some great advice about finding the best house and considering other alternative arrangements.

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Know When They Need Help

If you have parents or loved ones that are getting up there in age, then, as points out, it is important to be aware of signs that they might need help. In order to see the signs, you must be present, so visit your parents once a week or at least give them a call. When you do, if they seem forgetful about information they should know, this could be a sign of memory loss and you may need to look deeper into the situation.

Another sign that your family member may need some help is if you visit and their home is in complete disarray. When you notice that they are neglecting household responsibilities, Consumer Health Digest notes that it may be the result of a decline in cognitive abilities. Along with messes and clutter around the home, you should also be aware of changes in appearance such as rapid weight loss or poor personal hygiene because that may also mean that they are forgetting how to do the tasks that the rest of us take for granted.

Finding a New Home

If it is clear that you will need to move closer to your loved one, then you need to start looking at local properties to find a home that will suit your needs. Of course, the closer you can move to the family member, the better. Even if you cannot move right next door, you should at least try to find a house in the neighborhood. Contact a real estate agency that can help to narrow down your search and make a deal.

Even though the plan is to move closer to the senior in your life, there may come a time when they need to move in with you. If you think that may occur, consider finding a home that has accessibility options built-in. That could be safety bars in bathrooms and kitchens.

Or it could mean having space for a wheelchair ramp or a similar option at the front of the house. If your loved one has a progressive disease like Alzheimer’s, you may also want to consider the potential for elopement and have a fence installed. These larger projects often call for leveling or grading the ground to accommodate the structures, so go online and search for local grading companies and read up on customer reviews before contacting companies for estimates.

Lastly, look into getting a home warranty to help you cover the cost of any repairs your home may need down the road. This could range from electrical to plumbing repairs, all of which could easily eat into your household budget. When you’re living with a senior loved one, you may not have a lot of wiggle room in terms of money. A home warranty can help offset the cost of repairs and help prevent you from having to tackle the entire bill. Of course, with any warranty, read reviews and do research as you consider which home warranty company is best for you.

Consider a Rental

If you are unsure how long this arrangement may be necessary, then it might be a better idea to rent than to buy a property outright. A rental is a good idea when you are just really unsure of what the future holds. You may get a 12-month lease and do your best but eventually, realize that your loved one needs more assistance than you can provide. In that case, you may need to think about an alternative option, like putting them in a senior care facility. If that does occur, you won’t be stuck in a rental after the lease ends and you can find a more permanent solution.

In the end, even if you are not successful, the fact that you did what you could to help your loved one says a lot. Try the tips above and make the process as easy as possible.

Aging is a process that we all experience. If we do our best to help our older ones, it can bring joy to their heart as well as ours.  

As always, a big thank you to Jessica for writing this article for the Cleveland Appraisal Blog! I look forward to her next article! 

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