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What It Takes to Be An Expert Appraisal Witness in An Eminent Domain Case

Are you a real property appraiser who is looking to expand your field of expertise? Why not consider becoming an expert witness in Eminent Domain work? This article discusses some things to consider when pursuing this type of work as an appraiser.

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Essential Home Moving Tips for Seniors

Are you thinking of downsizing? The thought of moving can be overwhelming. This article provides tips for Seniors that will make moving a little easier.

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Creating the Perfect Home Office in a Small Living Space

Working from home with limited space for an office? This article discusses how to create a perfect home office in a small living area.

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The Ups and Downs of Stairs

Have you ever wondered how appraisers account for stairs when measuring a home? Can the type of stairs in a home impact market value and marketability? I tackle these questions in this article.

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How to Move and Start a Home Business – Yes, at the Same Time

Are you planning on moving? Are you thinking about starting up a home business? This article offers some tips on how to do.

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What Kind of Appraisal Support Do You Want?

When searching for an appraiser, can going cheap cost you? Like running shoes, using the cheapest appraiser may cost you more than you save. Find out more in this article.

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4 Tips to Stay Organized While Working Remotely with Your Kids

Are you working remotely with your kids at home? There are a lot of perks to doing so! Of course, there are also challenges. In this post, my guest writer, Jessica Brody, offers some tips that may help! Enjoy!