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Is It a Condo, a Townhouse, or Both?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a condo and a townhouse? Can a property be both? What are the differences? How can you figure out if a property is condo or not? Please read my article to find out.

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Yes, There Is Mold in Your Home! When Does It Affect Value?

How does mold remediation work? When does mold impact the market value of a home?


What Makes an Appraisal Supportable?

  While driving around performing appraisals, I see many runners. Some runners look like they have no real technique. Others appear to have a regimented technique to their running style. The truth is, the goal of both is simply to move from point A to point B. Right? One just appears more professional. While in running,… Continue reading What Makes an Appraisal Supportable?


Valuations, Identification & Human Perception

When I was 20 years old, I received some specialized training on how to study fingerprints. The class started with about 20 people and by the end, only four of us graduated. Myself and two others were hired by the Denver Police Department as fingerprint examiners. Why such a low graduation rate? It's not rocket… Continue reading Valuations, Identification & Human Perception