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My Interview with the Senior Marketing Manager at CubiCasa

I had a chance to interview Anastasia Corjan, the Senior Marketing Manager at CubiCasa. In this interview, she gives us a little background on how she got started with CubiCasa. She also offers tips on how appraisers can grow their business using online tools. I hope you enjoy the interview!

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Is A Cubicasa Scan an Inspection?

The way appraisers collect data is changing due to advances in technology. With those changes come questions about how data is or should be collected. Who should do the collecting? In this article, I discuss this topic and I tackle the question of whether a Cubicasa scan is considered an appraisal inspection.

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Copacabana? No Silly, It’s Cubicasa!

Are you a real property appraiser? Are you a REALTOR? How do you measure a home? If you need a floor plan, you do you go about obtaining one? Technology is changing rapidly. And there is a new product on the market that is making measuring homes and providing floor plans fast and fun. I talk about it in this article.