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Appraisal Reports Are Like Flipbooks

Have you ever read an appraisal report? It should lead you to the appraiser's value opinion in a systematic way. In this article, I discuss how an appraisal report does so.

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Is This Discrimination?

As a child, many of my best friends had darker skin than mine. Fortunately, I grew up in a family whose view is that all people are equal, and that differences in race, skin color and background, are what make humans so beautiful. Sadly, there are some that do not share that view.  As a… Continue reading Is This Discrimination?


When Is It Not Okay to Use a Sale Within a Mile?

Sometimes I am asked, when searching for comparable sales, do appraisers have to stay within a mile of the property being appraised? The answer is that it depends. By the way, that's the typical response that an appraiser will give you when asked a question about appraising. And rightly so. There are may things that… Continue reading When Is It Not Okay to Use a Sale Within a Mile?