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An Essential Guide for Managing a Move and a New Home When You Own Pets

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If you have been reading my blogs, first of all thank you! You may have noticed that I like to cover topics that include more than just real estate.  My family and I love animals. We have a cat, a dog and a bird.  Over the years, we have found that having pets is part of what makes a house a home. With that being said, I am happy to welcome back Author Jessica Brody, with a new article for those of us who love our pets. I think you will find this information to be helpful if you’re moving with pets. There are a lot of people doing so right now.

I hope you enjoy this article!


Moving to a new home can be one of life’s most exciting adventures, but it can also be pretty stressful, especially when there’s a pandemic to think about. If you have a pet, that stress can be compounded by worries over how to keep him happy and healthy as you navigate this complicated process. That’s why we have assembled these tips and resources to help pet owners plan and prepare every step of the way.  

Finding a Home and Planning Your Move

As you begin searching for your new home, you should keep your pet’s needs in mind. Thinking about your pet can also be crucial when it comes to planning your move, so be sure to ask yourself these essential questions during the first phases of this process.

Do you need a single-story home?

Are you planning on moving with senior pets? If so, consider looking for a single-story home. Senior pets can be prone to arthritis, which can make it more difficult to climb stairs. A single-story home will make it easier for your older pets to get around, but you can also consider using pet gates to keep these areas off-limits. If you are a senior who is moving with pets, know that single-floor layouts can also make it much easier and safer for you to age in place.

Do you need travel plans for your pet?

If you are planning on moving long-distance, you may need to begin planning out when you move further in advance. That way, you will have time to research pet-friendly accommodations along your route and make any special arrangements for your pets. If you plan on flying to your new home, check in with airlines regarding traveling with pets. Most airlines have strict rules when it comes to flying with pets, but you should understand any special risks.     

Keeping Your Moving Day Stress-Free

Once you have your new home picked out and your move planned, you can focus on keeping your pet safe and comfortable on moving day. Here are some crucial questions to ask.

Do you need to find a pet sitter?

Pets can get pretty stressed out when there are a lot of new people in your home. Plus, the chances of your pet escaping can be higher when movers are constantly streaming in and out of your new home. So, if you are seriously worried about the safety and comfort of your pets on moving day, you may want to play it safe by finding a pet sitter to keep your pets company.

Do you need to help your pet settle in?

This can be both a simple and complex question for pet parents to answer because it can take time for pets to feel comfortable in a new home. You definitely need some patience, but you can also take a few steps to reduce any stress or anxiety your pet may be experiencing on moving day. Start by including a few of your pet’s favorite things in your “day of” box, including beds, toys, and treats. Also, plan to spend a little extra time with your pet after the move.

Finding a home and planning a move during the coronavirus can already be stressful enough for you. So, don’t let your move cause any additional stress for you or your pets. Make sure you include your pet in every applicable step along the way, and take a few extra steps to keep your furry family members and yourself healthy and content as you settle into your new home.

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Thanks again to Jessica Brody for returning to sharing more great tips and resources that can help us care for our pets. You are welcome back anytime!

We hope that you all continue to be safe and to take the extra precautions needed to ensure that you and your pets are happy and healthy!


I will be back next week with a post I am working on. Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe out there! 


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