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Essential Home Moving Tips for Seniors

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I have a special post from a first-time guest blogger, Betty White. If you’re a senior and considering moving, this article offers some tips that may make things a little easier. I hope that you enjoy her article!

Essential Home Moving Tips for Seniors

Are you newly retired or nearing retirement? The odds are that you’ve got that empty old house that feels a bit too big now that the little birdies have flown the nest. Or, it could be that your fixed income tightened the purse strings, and living at home suddenly started feeling like a tall order. Perhaps you no longer feel safe living alone, or the work that needs to be done around the house and the yard have become too much. Whatever the reason, you had probably taken a good, long look at your present living situation and wondered if the grass is greener elsewhere. Now, you are ready to leave. Packing up your suitcases and leaving your family home is never easy, regardless of age. But, late-life moves can be particularly daunting and physically challenging. That’s why we come to you with the essential home moving tips for seniors.

Greener Pastures await you!

Break down your plan into simpler terms

Shopping for the new home, decluttering the old one, budgeting for agents and movers, handling the paperwork, packing, notifying interested parties about the move, scheduling move-out inspections, canceling memberships and services, transferring utilities, home insurance, etc., etc., etc. We know (heavy sigh): there’s a lot to consider. Merely putting your current home on the market is a lengthy and tedious process that requires hiring a realtor, making improvements, staging, finding and enrolling a reputable appraiser to determine the property’s value, et cetera. – and that’s just one tiny part of it.

That’s why drafting a checklist is a must for every downsizer, old or young. Our home moving tips for seniors are to break down their plans into smaller segments and set clear goals. This way, nothing significant will slip your mind, and you won’t get too overwhelmed. Got that? Next, start building your timeline. When you’re ready, set the moving date, and work back from that day, considering the time you need to check all the boxes from your to-do list.

Carve aside some time to downsize

The process of downsizing may bring about a roller-coaster of emotions, especially in your golden years. And although perfectly doable with a solid plan to back you up, don’t suppose that you will instantly feel mentally or physically ready to say goodbye to the house you lived in for ages. It’s simply not natural.

Downsizing isn’t easy, especially in an advanced stage of life.

It will take time to get used to the fact that you’re selling your house and moving away. Not to mention that homes that have been lived in for 30-plus years simply cannot be emptied that easily. It will take time and effort, possibly more than you think. That’s why carving aside time to downsize and clean out the home as soon as possible is one of the most important tips we can offer to seniors who are moving. Don’t wait for someday. Start now and take your time.

Implement some organization rules

It’s astonishing the number of things we accumulate over the course of a lifetime. The list of items is virtually endless. So, how do you sort through and declutter an endless list worth of belongings? You set up a few rules! Before you start going through every drawer and cabinet of your home, set a few things straight with yourself. For instance: “I will throw away all expired makeup and pantry items.” Or, “I will pair all duplicate items down to one”.

Sort by keep, toss, and give away – no what-ifs!

Professional organizers dubbed this “processing” because downsizers need to be prepared to part with plenty. The thing is, we all tend to save stuff we don’t need. That’s because we think it might be useful someday or hope that our former passion for a hobby might re-emerge. But no matter how tempting it is to create that “maybe” pile, you should discard anything that hasn’t been used, fixed, or enjoyed recently. Or at least try to keep it to very few items. Those organizational rules, and a few questions like: “Do I really need or want this,” “does this hold any sentimental value,” “do I use this often,” “do I own another item that performs the same function?” will come in pretty handy at this point.

You’re transitioning to this wonderful new phase of life. So, use the opportunity to free yourself of clutter and non-priority items and start fresh. Whatever you decide you no longer need, you can either toss or find it a new home. You can give away to your nearest and dearest or donate to a cause you care about.

Know what to keep

Just like it’s crucial to part with those “what-ifs,” it’s also important to know what to keep. Since you’re downsizing, you need to have a strong sense of what you can and cannot bring. Ask yourself whether a particular item you planned on bringing can fit in your new home. On the flip side, this also applies to memorabilia. Do those photographs and souvenirs that represent special memories and moments bring you a lot of joy? Then, feel free to honor your favorite stories by holding onto them.

Hold on to your favorite memories!

Plan for a safe and efficient moving day

When the big day finally rolls around, you should be ready for it. When it comes to emotions that may overflow you when bidding farewell to a house full of fond memories, you can only do so much. Nevertheless, you can make sure your relocation is completed safely and efficiently by planning ahead. The essential home relocation advice for the elderly is to be careful not to push themselves too hard throughout the day. You must:

  • Know your limits;
  • Plan to take breaks;
  • Stay hydrated and snack often;
  • Dress comfortably;
  • Pack an essentials bag;
  • Keep a first aid kit handy;
  • Never lift heavy boxes or items.

Finally, if you’ve got a furry best friend always pitter-pattering around the house, it’s best to hire a pet sitter for the big day.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

By now, we are all aware of how daunting and logistically, and physically challenging it is to downsize and relocate. So, you mustn’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you have the funds, it’s best to hire someone who will do the heavy lifting and ensure a safe transfer to your new address. This is especially important if you’re leaving Ohio and moving somewhere long-distance. But there’s more to it than just the physical part: seniors could always use some extra support throughout the process. So, reach out to your family, friends, or caregiver to be there by your side.

Look on the bright side

Know that it’s okay to be emotional. But when that emotional roller-coaster becomes too much to handle, remember that greener grass we’ve talked about. Imagine how nice it will feel under your toes once you get there. A more rewarding and adventurous lifestyle awaits you, with new social opportunities, less clutter, and the financial responsibility to navigate… It all means more opportunities to do those things you’ve always wanted to do. If travel has always been on your bucket list, now it’s your time to make the most of every day. And after you consider the alternative – maintaining a big and expensive house for the sheer sake of nostalgia – you’ll get why this is one of the most crucial home moving tips for seniors to mark.

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I hope that you enjoyed this article! I think that Betty shared some great tips with us. Thanks so much, Betty, for writing this article for the Cleveland Appraisal Blog. You’re welcome back anytime!

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